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Julianne Moore Eying Return to "As the World Turns"



    With the "World" set to stop turning this fall, the long-running soap is hoping to bring back one of its most successful alums, Julianne Moore.

    It's unclear how Moore's characters, Frannie and/or Sabrina Hughes, would be woven back into the show's storyline, sources told Entertainment Weekly.

    The three-time Oscar nominee starred on "ATWT" from 1985 to 1987, winning a Daytime Emmy as "Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series."

    Moore has recently been guest-starring on "30 Rock" as Jack Donaghy's old high school flame, and is said to be looking into doing more TV. She was rumored to be under consideration to star in an American version of "Prime Suspect," the classic BBC series starring Helen Mirren, before the project got shelved.


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    Moore is currently in the running for Best Supporting for "A Single Man," while her next film, "Chloe" goes into limited release on March 26.