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Blackhawks Release 2014-15 TV Schedule



    The Chicago Blackhawks have known their schedule for several weeks now, but on Thursday the team finally announced which networks will be airing their games for the upcoming season.

    The Blackhawks will once again play their games primarily on Comcast SportsNet Chicago, with 51 games being shown on those airwaves. They will also play 20 games on WGN, with 11 games only being available nationally on either NBCSN or right here on NBC 5 Chicago.

    The Hawks also announced that four of their six preseason games will be available on television:

    Sept. 23: vs. Detroit 7:30pm CSN+

    Sept. 26: vs. NY Rangers 7:30pm CSN+

    Oct. 1: vs. Montreal Canadiens 7:30pm CSN

    Oct. 3: at NY Rangers 6:00pm CSN

    The regular season will kick off on October 9 as the Hawks hit the road to take on the Dallas Stars in the Lone Star State. Here is their full schedule for the year (games on WGN in bold):

    Oct. 9: at Dallas 7:30pm CSN

    Oct. 11: vs. Buffalo 7:30pm CSN

    Oct. 15: vs. Calgary 7:00pm CSN

    Oct. 18: vs. Nashville 7:30pm WGN

    Oct. 21: vs. Philadelphia 7:30pm CSN

    Oct. 23: at Nashville 7:00pm CSN

    Oct. 25: at St. Louis 7:00pm WGN

    Oct. 26: vs. Ottawa 6:00pm WGN

    Oct. 28: vs. Anaheim 7:30pm CSN

    Oct. 30: at Ottawa 6:30pm CSN

    Nov. 1: at Toronto 6:00pm CSN

    Nov. 2: vs. Winnipeg 8:00pm WGN

    Nov. 4: at Montreal 6:30pm CSN

    Nov. 7: vs. Washington 7:30pm CSN+

    Nov. 9: vs. San Jose 6:00pm WGN

    Nov. 11: vs. Tampa Bay 7:30pm CSN

    Nov. 14: at Detroit 6:30pm CSN

    Nov. 16: vs. Dallas 6:00pm WGN

    Nov. 20: at Calgary 8:00pm CSN

    Nov. 22: at Edmonton 9:00pm WGN

    Nov. 23: at Vancouver 9:00pm CSN

    Nov. 26: at Colorado 8:00pm CSN

    Nov. 28: at Anaheim 3:00pm WGN

    Nov. 29: at Los Angeles 9:00pm WGN

    Dec. 3: vs. St. Louis 7:00pm NBCSN

    Dec. 5: vs. Montreal 7:30pm CSN

    Dec. 6: at Nashville 6:00pm CSN

    Dec. 9: at New Jersey 6:00pm CSN

    Dec. 11: at Boston 6:00pm CSN

    Dec. 13: at NY Islanders 6:00pm WGN

    Dec. 14: vs. Calgary 7:00pm CSN

    Dec. 16: vs. Minnesota 7:30pm CSN

    Dec. 20: at Columbus 6:00pm WGN

    Dec. 21: vs. Toronto 6:00pm WGN

    Dec. 23: vs. Winnipeg 7:30pm CSN+

    Dec. 27: at Colorado 8:00pm CSN

    Dec. 29: vs. Nashville 7:30pm CSN

    Jan. 1: at Washington 12:00pm NBC

    Jan. 4: vs. Dallas 7:00pm WGN

    Jan. 6: vs. Colorado 7:30pm CSN

    Jan. 8: at Minnesota 7:00pm CSN

    Jan. 9: at Edmonton 8:30pm CSN

    Jan. 11: vs. Minnesota 7:00pm WGN

    Jan. 16: vs. Winnipeg 7:30pm CSN

    Jan. 18: vs. Dallas 5:00pm WGN

    Jan. 20: vs. Arizona 7:30pm CSN

    Jan. 21: at Pittsburgh 7:00pm NBCSN

    Jan. 28: at Los Angeles 9:30pm CSN

    Jan. 30: at Anaheim 9:00pm WGN

    Jan. 31: at San Jose 9:30pm CSN

    Feb. 3: at Minnesota 7:00pm CSN

    Feb. 6: at Winnipeg 7:00pm CSN

    Feb. 8: at St. Louis 11:30am NBC

    Feb. 9: vs. Arizona 7:30pm CSN

    Feb. 11: vs. Vancouver 7:00pm CSN

    Feb. 13: vs. New Jersey 7:30pm CSN

    Feb. 15: vs. Pittsburgh 11:30am NBC

    Feb. 18: vs. Detroit 6:30pm NBCSN

    Feb. 20: vs. Colorado 7:30pm CSN

    Feb. 22: vs. Boston 2:00pm NBC

    Feb. 24: vs. Florida 7:30pm CSN  

    Feb. 26: at Florida 6:30pm CSN

    Feb. 27: at Tampa Bay 6:30pm CSN

    March 2: vs. Carolina 7:30pm CSN

    March 6: vs. Edmonton 7:30pm CSN+

    March 8: vs. New York Rangers 6:30pm NBCSN

    March 12: at Arizona 9:00pm WGN

    March 14: at San Jose 3:00pm WGN

    March 17: vs. NY Islanders 7:30pm CSN

    March 18: at NY Rangers 7:00pm NBCSN

    March 21: at Dallas 7:00pm CSN

    March 23: at Carolina 6:00pm CSN

    March 25: at Philadelphia 7:00pm NBCSN

    March 27: vs. Columbus 7:30pm CSN

    March 29: at Winnipeg 6:30pm WGN

    March 30: vs. Los Angeles 7:30pm CSN

    April 2: vs. Vancouver 7:30pm CSN

    April 3: at Buffalo 6:00pm CSN

    April 5: vs. St. Louis 6:30pm NBCSN

    April 7: vs. Minnesota 7:30pm CSN

    April 9: at St. Louis 7:00pm CSN

    April 11: at Colorado 8:00pm WGN