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Groupon's IPO Price Holds



    We're all gonna need a nap and a light snack after Groupon's IPO is over and done. That happens following trading Thursday.

    Between now and then, however, the group buying behemoth is expected to stand pat on its $16 per share stock price, despite reports they intended to raise the dollar amount to $18. 

    Groupon's still only selling just under 5 percent of the company. Unless of course it changes its mind tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, across the pond, Groupon has launched its first-ever TV ad campaign in the UK. Not content to inject the word "Groupon" into our lexicon, this ad goes a step further by introducing the term "Grouponatic" to mean, yes, people who love love love Groupon.

    The ad is a video diary/interview of a London woman named Charmaine, and the tone is markedly different from those infamous Superbowl spots. It's about as far away from that cringe-inducing Tibet one as possible: When asked what her favorite Groupon purchase was, the self-proclaimed Grouponatic gushes about a deal where the company would match ₤2 donations for tsunami relief in Japan. Painting Groupon as a bunch of humanitarians is the first steps towards crafting a different image over there than what it has over here, no?

    Here's the new ad:

    And here's that Tibet ad, in case you don't watch sports, TV, or haven't heard of the Internet in the last year: