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Who Stood Out in the Bears Defensive Mauling?



    The Bears completed such a massive mauling of the Titans on Sunday that Tennessee's owner walked out in the third quarter. Who stood out above the rest?

    Grizzly Bears: The Bears who stood out in a historic game.

    Charles Tillman -- Do I really need to explain why he's at the top of the list? OK, I'll do it anyway. Four forced fumbles. Nine tackles. Playing at a level above and beyond the rest of the world.

    Brian Urlacher -- Old Man Urls showed off his mustache in pre-game, and then showed he can still get it done during the game. He forced a fumble, recovered a fumble, and returned an interception for a slow 46 yards to the end zone.

    Brandon Marshall -- On NBC 5 Sports Sunday, Marshall said it's been his goal to get three touchdown catches. He accomplished it halfway through the season. Marshall finished the game with three touchdowns and 122 yards. Not bad for a game that was all about the defense.

    Matt Forte -- With only so many offensive touches to go around, Forte is facing fewer touches than he has had previously. It doesn't matter. Forte did more with less, averaging 8.6 yards per carry to get to 102 yards on Sunday. His scrum touchdown will go down as one of the more memorable moments of the season.

    Teddy Bears: Nearly everything was clicking for the Bears on Sunday, save the lineman who ended up on the wrong end of the clash of the Titans.

    J'Marcus Webb -- The Titans didn't score many points on Sunday, but two points they did score came not from a Titans player, but by Webb for making a stupid penalty in the end zone. Though his play has improved since last season, Webb still needs to be smarter about the way he plays. Couple that with the three sacks the line gave up, and it was not a banner day for the front five of the Chicago Bears.