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Urlacher's Knee Will Be OK



    Hampton and Holmes on Going 8-8

    The Sports Sunday tandem talks turkey on the Bears middling season. (Published Monday, Jan. 2, 2012)

    Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites, your morning rundown of Bears news. Read about Brian Urlacher's injury, what this season taught us about Cutler, Tillman's record, and the futures of Martz, Williams and McCown. 

    • Brian Urlacher has an MCL sprain and is expected to be OK for next season. (Chicago Tribune)
    • We learned that yes, Jay Cutler really is that good. (ESPN Chicago)
    • The receiving corps hopes that Mike Martz will return. (ESPN Chicago)
    • Lovie Smith says that Josh McCown gave the Bears a needed spark. (ESPN Chicago)

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