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The Big Number: 17



    17 -- forced fumbles by the Bears

    The Bears are one of the league's best at forcing fumbles, and that skill is going to be necessary Monday against the Vikings. When Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson are taken out of the equation -- and neither are expected to play -- they've only given up two fumbles. Stud running back Adrian Peterson hasn't fumbled the ball at all this season.

    But this could be the opportunity to change all that. Julius Peppers has three forced fumbles, as does maligned defensive back Charles Tillman. After a rough game against the Patriots, removing the ball from Peterson's hands could be exactly what "Peanut" needs.

    In what could be a sloppy game, the Bears are going to need every opportunity to score. The defense can help out by creating turnovers and maybe even getting in the end zone.