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Packers Aren't Going Away



    Green Bay is continuing to celebrate the Packers' Super Bowl victory this week, with a sold-out rally and an early dismissal for school children. They even received the obligatory congratulations call from the Bears-fan-in-chief. The scary thought for not just the Bears but the entire NFL is that this Packers party isn't going to be just for one season. They are poised for a long run in the top tier of the NFL.

    They are young -- the second-youngest team in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers and his main target, Greg Jennings, are both 27, as is linebacker A.J. Hawk. His partner-in-sacking-and-bad-hair, Clay Matthews, is 24 and just finished his second season in the league. Outside of Chad Clifton, the entire offensive line is under 30. Charles Woodson is the only member of the secondary over 30.

    Their youth served them this season, as a lack of playoff experience didn't matter as they steamrolled through the playoffs. They had enough seasoned leaders -- like Woodson, who pumped his teammates up after being injured in first half of the Super Bowl -- and good coaching that the young players were not fazed by the spotlight.

    Hawk, safety Atari Bigby and running back John Kuhn are among the Packers up for free agency. Even if the Packers don't hold onto them, their depth will take over, allowing Green Bay to be a nightmare for Bears fans for years to come.