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Meet the Other Jay Cutler



    While Jay Cutler the quarterback is rehabbing the knee he injured in the NFC Championship game, perhaps he can ask the other Jay Cutler to be his bodyguard. After all, look at the guy. 

    This Jay Cutler is an elite body builder. He's a multiple winner of the Arnolds, a body-building competition started by the Governator, and is a three-time Mr. Olympia, one of the most prestigious body-building titles in the world.

    Outside of being elite athletes named Jay Cutler, the two don't share many similarities. Jay the body-builder is shorter, older, and has thighs nearly the same size as his waist. Jay the QB wouldn't want arms that measured 22.5 inches around, anyway. It's hard to throw a pass when your bicep is hitting you in the face.

    But those differences could make one heck of a reality series. Jay the QB and Jay the body-builder could travel around --  in an RV, of course -- taking out haters. What's that, Maurice Jones-Drew? You think Jay the QB is soft? Well, Jay the body-builder would like to have a word with you.

    Let's make it happen, Jay and Jay.