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Lovie Smith Can't Get Away From Football



    By design, football coaches are football junkies. They must eat, sleep and breathe football in order to keep their team among the best. Lovie Smith is no different. Even though it's the bye week and he and the team have a few days off, he's not really getting away from football.

    "We'll take some time off, but you never get far away from football. And when we say take time off, I'm looking forward to watching some high school games this week, some college games this week and of course a full slate of NFL games. Every time you watch a game as a coach or a player you can learn something," Smith said.

    Seriously, this man is a football geek. He spends every waking hour thinking about football. Now, when he has a few days off, he still will go to high school games, and then will sit and watch college and pro games for the rest of the weekend. He's not jetting off to an island in the Caribbean, nor is he going to sit in a lodge in the mountains. Nope, Smith is filling his days off from football with ... football.

    This downright nerdy attention to the game means Smith is focused on keeping the Bears' momentum from a 4-1 start going despite the weekend off. We'll see if it works when the Bears face off with Detroit on Oct. 22.