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Know Your Enemy: The Philadelphia Eagles



    Thriller: Is there any bigger thrill in the NFL this year than Michael Vick? He leads the NFL in QB rating, and in just seven games, has 11 touchdowns. No matter what the Bears do against him, it will be a thrill to spend four quarters watching him.

    Will You Be There?: If Assante Samuel is healthy, he will be there covering every single pass that is thrown by Jay Cutler. He leads the NFL with seven interceptions, but has been sitting out practice with knee problems.

    Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough: Jeremy Maclin, a second-year receiver from the University of Missouri, has been one of Vick's favorite targets. Last week against the Giants, he caught for 120 yards. If the Bears D doesn't stay on him, he won't stop. (Till he gets enough, of course.) 

    Man in the Mirror: Eagles running back LeSean McCoy may think he's looking at a reflection when he sees Matt Forte. Both running backs have limited carries on the ground, but double as receivers. McCoy has 51 receptions this season.

    Bad: The Eagles have been on a tear since their bye week, winning three straight. Their thrashing of the Redskins, including Vick's six touchdowns, is quickly becoming legendary. The Bears are also on three-game winning streak. By the end of the game, we'll know, who's bad?