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Know Your Enemy: The Minnesota Vikings, Starring Prince



    Know Your Enemy: The Minnesota Vikings, Starring Prince
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    Adrian Peterson

    The 3-5 Minnesota Vikings are a team in flux. They could be good, but they're oh so bad. Prince, a Minnesotan and a Vikings fan, lended a hand in this look at a team who may be more screwed up than the Bears.

    "Controversy": The Vikings coaching crisis hit a new peak this week when reports of in-fighting and a lack of confidence in coach Brad Childress were published in the Chicago Sun-Times. Several players said that they want Childress fired, but don't want to give up on their teammates.

     "U Got the Look"Adrian Peterson is the prototype for the 21st-Century running back. He's tall, lean, and is able to break tackles and find holes like few others. He and Houston's Arian Foster are in a dog fight for the NFL's top rusher. Peterson has 857 yards, while Foster has 864. Sho 'Nuff do be cookin' in my book.

    "Baby I'm a Star": Quarterback Brett Favre is a legend that brings with him a sideshow everywhere he goes. Between the scorn Packer fans, the sexual harassment allegations and the neverending retirement waffling, Favre is a star that transcends his team. His skills have eroded, but he's still capable of flashes of brilliance on the field.

    "When Doves Cry": They give Percy Harvin headaches. The Vikes' leading receiver has battled serious migraines this season. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea and treatment for that has been successful in quelling the migraines, but he missed practice this week with migraines.

    "Let's Go Crazy": The Vikings defensive end didn't have to be told to go crazy in previous seasons, but the once-feared pass rusher has been quiet this season. He was second in the league in sacks last season with 14.5, but only has 4 this season. After forcing five fumbles in 2009, he has 0 forced fumbles in 2010. Still, he's a threat to take advantage of the Bears questionable offensive line.