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Why Jay Cutler's Lack of Pink Made Him a Target



    Why Jay Cutler's Lack of Pink Made Him a Target
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    Jay Cutler

    As our friends at Shutdown Corner and Warren Sapp both pointed out last night, Jay Cutler did not wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.

    He also was sacked nine times, left the game at the half with a concussion, and led the Bears to a loss for the first time this season. Coincidence? Perhaps.

    The Bears probably have more realistic problems than color coordination. The offensive line needs fixing; the offensive coordinator needs to take some pressure off his passer; the running backs need to run somewhere and Cutler himself needs to strap an alarm clock to his head so he remembers to throw the ball more quickly. 

    But while we're on the karma tip, here's our guesses as to  Cutler didn't strap on a hot pink pair of shoes, gloves, wristband, headband or towel:

    He's superstitious. That's completely understandable, as many athletes are extremely cautious about not messing with streaks. Since the Bears were on a three game ride, maybe he didn't want to mess with it.

    He's protesting for a diabetes ribbon. The Chicago quarterback needs to monitor his blood sugar at all times so why not make a stand for his own ailment?

    Somebody forgot to tell him it was pink week. Considering his girlfriend tweeted about the week and all of his teammates were wearing pink, no, that can't be true.

    If Cutler is able to come back for next week's game at Carolina, somebody tie him down and make him wear something pink. We nominate Cutler's good buddy, Greg Olsen. Since he is the son of breast cancer survivor, this is a cause close to the heart.