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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Bears vs. Dolphins



    Grizzly Bears -- The Bears who had a nice seafood dinner:

    Brian Urlacher: You know what makes you the Grizzliest of Grizzly Bears? Becoming the Bears all-time leading tackler. Urlacher not picked up four tackles to move ahead of Singletary, Butkus, Dent and all of the rest of the Bears defensive greats, but he also had a monster sack to put an exclamation point on the Bears shut-out.

    Julius Peppers: When the Bears signed Peppers, this was the game fans, coaches and media envisioned. He had three sacks, five tackles and a broken up pass. He faced the same double teams and pressure that has kept him from being a statistical marvel -- and allowed his teammates to wreak havoc -- but this time was able to break through and get his hands on the QB for a loss of 14 yards.

    Matt Forte: The Bears let Forte loose against the Dolphins, and he said thank you by compiling 104 total yards. On 25 touches, Forte racked up 97 yards and then added seven more with receptions. He just seemed to find the holes and gaps that allowed him to break through.

    Teddy Bears -- The Bears as soft as the sands on Miami Beach:

    Jay Cutler: OK, it wasn't a disastrous performance by Cutler, but it wasn't great, either. After two games with just one sack each, Cutler was sacked three times by the Dolphins. The bigger problem was not just the sacks, but the many yards that Cutler gives up with every sack. On Thursday night, he gave up 23 yards -- or two first downs -- on getting sacked.

    Chester Taylor
    : Forte took advantage of the Bears run-heavy offense, while Taylor fell flat on his face. With 11 chances to run the ball, he only came through with 10 yards.