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Big Numbers: 77.7% Decrease in Sacks!



    77.7% -- That's the percent decrease in sacks allowed against Jay Cutler. Going into this game the Bears quarterback had been sacked 27 over 6 games (cause he missed one with a split head) for a total of 163 yards. That's about 4.5 sacks per game. Today's single sack means the Bears improved on their average by a huge margin.

    50.8 -- That's the run to pass ratio for the game. Martz dialed up 26 rushing plays and Cutler cut loose 5 times to tip the Bears offensive balance toward the run by .8 percent. They tossed it 30 times.

    2.0 -- That's the number of missed kicks in this game. In the end, Rian Lindell's missed extra point hurt worse than Robbie Gould's missed field goal.

    50,746 -- That's how many people showed up in Toronto to see the Bears and Bills. Almost a sell out. The Rogers Centre holds 54,000 for football. Not bad, NFL.

    19.9 -- That's Johnny Knox's yards per catch average. It's good enough for sixth in the league. As far as big play receivers go, Knox is in rare company.

    12 -- That's the number of teams out of 32 with a winning record.