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Bears Spend Father's Day Just Like You



    It turns out that Father's Day isn't so different for professional football players. The Bears spent Sunday getting pampered by their kids and talking about the important role that fathers play in a child's development.

    Devin Hester has championed the importance of fatherhood since his son, "Little Devin," was born last year. He already writes a monthly column for Chicago Parent magazine, and spoke on Sunday at Willow Creek Church about the challenges of being a dad. He doesn't want his son to look at him as a star football player, but a good father.

    “I don’t know how much to stress how important it is to be in your kid’s life. Time is the most important thing you can give a kid,” he said. “I just get a kick out of coming home and seeing how excited my kid is to see me walk in the door.” 

    Earl Bennett's son was born during the playoffs. For his first Father's Day, Earl Jr. gave him a Superdad cake. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Bennett said that he does miss football, but the lockout has given him extra time to spend with his infant son.

    Safety Chris Harris, the Bears' MVP Twitterer and a father of two, reminded fathers of their obligations. "[Shoutout] to all my real fathers today that do more than just financial support their kids. Just cuz u have a kid doesn't make u a father."

    Those obligations are important to the Bears, a team full of young dads. In fact, when the lockout is over, the Bears brass may want to start a nursery school at Halas Hall. That way, they can start teaching the young Bears about the basics of Bear-dom early.