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Anatomy of a Drive: Hester and Forte Combine for TD



    Matt Forte and Devin Hester were unquestionably the Bears' MVPs on Sunday, combining to give the Bears 370 yards. Take a closer look at a drive early in the second quarter where the two worked together to get the Bears an ever-elusive red zone score, with a little help from their friends on the offensive line.

    Carolina kicked off, D. Hester returned kickoff for 73 yards
    -- Hester needs just one big block to get to the end zone, and unfortunately, Chris Conte didn't get the memo. The rookie didn't block kicker Olinda Mare, who pushed Hester out at the 36-yard line. Still, that put the Bears into Panthers territory without having to complete a single down.

    1st-10, CAR36 14:44 M. Forte rushed to the right for 4 yard gain -- By the second quarter, Forte's number had already been called several times, and it worked. Here, he swung outside right to get a small gain.

    2nd-6, CAR32 14:07 J. Cutler passed to R. Williams to the left for 15 yard gain -- With good protection, Cutler completed one of the few passes he was asked to make on Sunday. He hit Williams in the flat, getting the first down and giving Williams his first catch since week one.

    1st-10, CAR17 13:24 M. Forte rushed to the left for 17 yard touchdown. R. Gould made PAT -- Roberto Garza and Chris Williams opened a hole for Forte, who easily found his way to the end zone. He didn't have to break any tackles or shed defenders on this simple play, as the line created the perfect gap for Forte to run through.