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75 Seconds with Marion Barber



    When Bears Running Back Marion Barber was approached by a newspaper writer his first day in Bears camp he brushed him off with a "no man, sorry."

    Barber politely declined the interview and kept walking.

    Day 2 in Bourbonnais, a local television reporter approached, asking "Marion, can I get a few words with you?" Barber kept walking but said, "I'll get you later!" Or not!

    By the time I approached Marion Barber the end of the first week in training camp, he walked with me off the practice field explaining why he isn't talking.

    "I don't do interviews, " he told me. Never? "Not since high school," Barber explained. "I'm not a TV type guy." Hmm. "I only talk when they (NFL) tells me I have to. Thanks for understanding," he said. He looked me in the eye, smiled, shook my hand and ran off.

    Even after picking up 45 yards on 7 carries in his preseason Bears debut Saturday against the Bills, Barber declined the team PR person's request.

    "Monday," he agreed. And Monday after practice Barber did indeed stop for reporters, though with the warning "two questions!"

    How's he doing with his new team? "Feels good man, not really a big difference (than Dallas), it's just good to be here."

    What were his goals coming to the Bears? "I'm just here to play football, however they choose to utilize me, I'm just got to be ready at all times" Barber answered.

    Uh-oh. The reporters keep the questions going asking about that hard-nosed style of running.

    "That's all I been doing my whole career, I'm not going to stop now."

    On, starting over after his career with the Cowboys? "It's just all about playing football, fresh start, I'm glad I'm here and go from there."

    Barber was clearly getting antsy after the fourth question and wasn't biting on why he chose the Bears or whether he ready to talk about the team's tradition at running back.

    "I'm just here to play football, I don't think about the past, I think about now and hoping I can contribute to the football team."

    And with that Marion Barber turned, ran off, his dreads flopping in the Bourbonnais wind.

    I feel I know him better after six questions and one minute fifteen seconds, don't you?