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Enable Severe Weather Push Alerts on Our Android, iPhone, iPad News Apps



    Enable Severe Weather Push Alerts on Our Android, iPhone, iPad News Apps

    If you've upgraded to the latest version of our Android, iPhone and iPad news apps, you have the option of enabling push alerts for a number of severe weather situations, as well as setting your app's start screen to show weather first.

    Enabling Severe Weather Alerts

    To enable the alerts, just go to the weather section of the news app and tap on the city name at the top of the page. You will see an "Alerts" toggle on the right side for each city you enter (you can search to add more cities).

    Tap on the "Preferences" tab to view all of the different types of alerts you can receive.

    The following types of alerts are currently available:

    Severe Weather Alerts:

    • Dangerous Storm Approaching
    • Lightning in Area
    • Flash Flood Warning
    • Flood Warning
    • Thunderstorm Warning
    • Tornado Warning
    • Storms in Area
    • Twisting Storm Approaching

    Winter Alerts:

    • Blizzard Warning
    • Blizzard Watch
    • Blowing Snow Advisory
    • Freeze Warning
    • Freeze Watch
    • Freezing Rain Advisory
    • Frost Advisory
    • Heavy Snow Warning
    • Ice Storm Warning
    • Lake Effect Snow Advisory
    • Lake Effect Snow Warning
    • Lake Effect Snow Watch
    • Snow Advisory
    • Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory
    • Winter Storm Warning
    • Winter Storm Watch
    • Winter Weather Advisory

    You can also receive personal alerts from our station's meteorologists via the "Message from Trained Personnel" option.

    Setting Weather As Start Screen

    You can customize the start screen of our app to highlight news OR weather when you open it. If weather information is crucial for you and your family, we want you to see it immediately on the app to make your life easier.

    If you’re more interested in local and national news, you can continue to see that first when the app opens if you want.

    To make a change, tap on the main nav icon in the upper left and then tap on “Set Your Start Screen” to choose between Top Stories or Weather.

    If you haven't downloaded our app, or would like to upgrade, tap here. (Note: Ability to enable severe weather alerts on our Android app is coming soon.)