Chicago Woman Finds "Love in the Wild"

Yanina Beccaria finds love, wins trip around the world

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    Yanina Beccaria and Ken Barrington won a trip around the world.

    Stop us if you've heard this one before -- a Chicago woman has found love on a reality show.

    Yanina Beccaria and Ken Barrington were proclaimed the winners on the NBC show "Love in the Wild" Tuesday night.

    The Jenny McCarthy-hosted show paired up a group of singles and put them through a series of physical tests on an a tropical island.

    Beccaria, a former Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew member, Chicago Bliss lingerie football player and current Tribune Company employee outlasted her competitors to take the title.

    The couple -- Barrington is from Miami -- claims to be legitimately in love.

    The grand prize for winning the show is a trip around the world.