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What do You Think About The Tiger/Obama Comparison?

Woods will tee off where he won his first major tournament

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012


Golf fans and media outlets are cheering for Tiger Woods returning to the links.

The president of CBS News and Sports, Sean McManus, is pretty excited about Woods competing at the Masters next month.

McManus predicted the golfing great's comeback would be "the biggest media event other than the Obama inauguration in the past 10 to 15 years."

What do you think?


"Its his job, he needs to get back to it. That way the only place you will see his name is the sports pages and if you don't want to hear about him don't watch or read sports. People need to tend to their own knittin...[scrutinize] your own personal life." - Patricia


"SERIOUSLY? Schools across the nation are closing due to lack of MONEY! How much MONEY is going to be spent on this "media event"????? For crying out loud!!! He's a man that cheated on his wife for years and is good @ golf! I wonder how many future GREAT golf players we have in our children?? Too bad we'll never know since there won't be any schools." - Tracy


"I think it's great. He made a mistake.....we all do. You admit you were wrong, and he did. You pick yourself up and move on. Good for him. This is his cross to carry and he will have to answer in the end. What he does from this day forward hopefully will be an [inspiration] to a lot men in the same boat." - Joe


"I'm not surprised...it's reality TV at it's finest! What a sad state of our affairs (pardon the pun) when that is the case of our media-inspired, desire-for-sludge, world." - Ginnie


"I could care less what Tiger's return to equal to or better than. It will just be interesting to see how he re-enters the world." - Randy


"The only event I can remember that garnered similar media attention was Michael Jordan's first retirement after his father was killed. Jordan's status as a world icon made that a story nobody can forget." - Curt


"The biggest media event...." Seriously??? Why do I have an embedded image of the Prez of CBS walking around wearing knickers, pale green and pink argyle socks with a matching driver cap with a big pink pom pom on top???" - Patti


"Leave him and his family alone, people cheat on their spouses everyday and it's not in the news, who cares. Even if he is an amazing golfer, it should not affect the way his fans feel about him. He is entitled to live his life the way he sees fit." - Heather

First Published: Mar 17, 2010 6:41 AM CDT

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