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Do You Think The Gun Ban Should Stay Or Overturned?

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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Chicago's handgun ban goes before the Supreme Court today.  Gun-rights groups are arguing the ban robs citizens of their Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  But gun-control supporters sy the ban protects residents from dangerous criminals. 

 Do you think the ban should stay or get overturned?

"My opinion on handguns is they should be banned.  I think too many people that own handguns shouldn't have them, one reason [is] because they are not emotionally stable.  I think too many innocent people get shot because of handguns.  Too many children get hurt because they find them and think they are play guns and they are not." - Anonymous]


"Daley's gun ban has only disarmed the law abiding citizen in Chicago. The street gangs still get weapons this is proven by the murder rate." -Victor


"The gun ban does not work and it only applies to legal law abiding gun owners. Gang member/drug dealers could care less. Enforce the laws we have on the people that break them and leave everyone else alone." -N


"I believe the hand gun ban is wrong and hope the ban is lifted. The ban takes away firearms from good people.. not the criminals we would like to protect ourselves against.  The ban simply assures criminals that their victims are not armed." -Russell Glown


"I can't believe this is even an issue. I don't own a gun but, the 2nd amendment clearly states I have the right to.  Our Constitution is a incredible document that we as Americans NEED to get back to. Let's not try to change this great piece of work too much ,just because it doesn't seem right. More times than not The Constitution works just fine the way it is. I think we need to become [familiar] with it again,it is set up to Protect us ,from the Government taking control of our lives. -Ross


"Mayor Daily lives in La La land when he believes that banning guns will stop violence in Chicago. When guns are banned, only the criminals have guns, does he really think the gang bangers will give up their guns. We have constitutional rights that the mayor should not walk on" -Randy


"An armed society is a peaceful society." -Jon


"THE RIGHT TO OWN A GUN IS USA RIGHT. I Live in AZ and every one could carry GUNS no one was shooting any one?? Wake UP ILLINOIS." -Anonymous


"It's our constitutional right to have a gun if we are law [biding]...The city can`t protect us , we have the right to protect ourselves." -Kevin


"The gun ban in Chicago IS unconstitutional.  If, since it's inception, few or no innocent bystanders,including children, had been killed, I MIGHT support it.  However, we [hear] reports almost daily of the child killed in their home due to "random gun fire".  The ban doesn't work." -Wendy


"I hope the Supreme Court restores Chicagoan's second amendment rights!  The bad guys will always have access to guns. Everyone know this.  Therefore, law abiding Chicagoans are handicapped by the decisions of local politicians who make more money by far and have security details (See Alderman Burke) to protect them." -Al


"No - no guns in Chicago!!! -Anonymous


"The Second Amendment does give citizens the "right " to own a firearm. But, not necesarily the right to carry one. Any law abiding [citizens] should have the means to defend themselves and their families in their own homes. The old addage is so true, "it's nice to have a gun and not need it but it is hell to NEED one and not have it." The privacy of one's home and the sanctity of ones family and life is simply the right to self-preservation." -John 

First Published: Mar 2, 2010 8:02 AM CDT

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