Wild Cats Busted With Drugs, Counterfeit and Weapons

Always tip your doorman

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    Chicago Police Department
    Jeffrey Mundt, 38, and Joseph Banis, 38, of Kentucky, were arrested Sunday with $50,000 in counterfeit money, "date rape" drugs, and weapons. The pair could face federal charges.

    A pair of wild cats from Kentucky were busted Sunday in Chicago with $50,000 in counterfeit bills, three bottles of “date rape” drug, weapons and fake Ids at the downtown Hyatt Regency, the Sun-Times reports

    It’s not clear what exactly Jeffrey Mundt, 38, and Joseph Banis, 38, planned to do with their gear, but the pair got caught after they tried changing a fake $100 bill with a doorman, cops said.

    Lesson: always tip the doorman, and use real money.

    The men are scheduled to appear in Chicago court Tuesday to face a host of charges.

    They could face federal charges because of the counterfeit cash.