Robbery Suspect Struck By Squad Car

An Englewood man was arrested in connection with a robbery after being hit by a squad car

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    Demetrice Allen, 28, of Englewood was arrested in connection with a shooting that happened at a Food Mart on the 5900 block of South Morgan Street. Police allege as they followed Allen into an alley he pulled a gun and officers were forced to hit him with their squad car.

    An Englewood man was arrested Saturday after police struck him with an unmarked squad car as he was allegedly fleeing the scene of a robbery. 

    Demetrice Allen, 28, of the 6100 block of South Morgan Street, has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, battery and aggravated assault of police officers in connection with a robbery. Prosecution alleges Allen shot a 30-year-old Food Mart employee in the shoulder twice before fleeing the scene, the Chicago Tribune reports.  

    Police were called to a Food Mart on the 5900 block of South Morgan Street after shots were fired and Allen was seen leaving with a blue steel revolver in his hands, according to police records. Officers allege they followed Allen to an alley where he pointed a gun at them. Fearing for their safety, officers ran into Allen with the police car.  

    Allen appeared in Cook County bond court Sunday with his head wrapped in a bandage. His bond was set for $250,000.

    The Food Mart employee that was shot was released from St. Bernard Hospital after being treated, police say.