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A Hard Look at Oak Park's Proposed Logo



    Nothing says “Welcome Home” like a penis-shaped municipal logo.

    That must be why Oak Park Village Board Members – heh, "members" – are debating whether or not to use a new branding logo for their upscale town, according to Chicago Now blogger Mike Doyle.

    The phallic presentation is part of a tourism push for the western suburb, intended to give the impression that resident’s of Oak Park are risk takers.

    But anyone who’s looking at this tubular rendering – and its step out of line “strapline” (no joke) -- probably isn’t thinking about skydiving.

    The logo was designed by  North Star Destination Strategies, for use by the Oak Park Convention and Visitors Bureau, and, while it may not scream "risk takers," adopting a phallic logo could be a huge risk. Especially judging by the placement on certain tourism posters.