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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Gracie Gold Responds To Fan's Prom Request

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    Extra TV
    California high school student Dyer Littlejohn surprised Gracie Gold on the set of "Extra" Wednesday.

    First a bronze medal, now the prom! Maybe.

    Wednesday on "Extra," Chicago Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold accepted California high school student Dyer Pettijohn's request to accompany him to his prom -- if she can work it into her schedule.

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    (Published Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014)

    Dyer posted a YouTube video on Tuesday, offering a list of reasons why he thinks they'd make a great match, including a display of his less-than-stellar ice skating moves.

    Gold shared the video on her Twitter feed, saying it "melted my heart."

    During an appearance on "Extra" Wednesday, Pettijohn appeared on set, requested and received a hug, and then asked Gold in person whether she'd accompany him to the prom.

    "If it works out, I would love to," Gold said, likely acknowledging the busy schedule that goes along with being a world-class athlete and an in-demand Olympian.

    Gold was a little more non-committal on "Access Hollywood Live" Thursday -- probably because she wasn't face-to-face with her paramour. She said she will be on tour with "Stars on Ice" and preparing for the World Championships over the next couple of months, so the timing may not work out. But the smart money is on these two eventually finding a way to connect.

    Stay tuned.

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