FBI's Car Bug Linked Chicago Terror Suspects to Mumbai | NBC Chicago

FBI's Car Bug Linked Chicago Terror Suspects to Mumbai

Headley and Rana secretly recorded boasting about vicious terror attacks



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    The two Chicago terror suspects charged with planning attacks on Danish newspapers were eventually foiled by an FBI bug planted in their car, a federal filing revealed Monday.

    Unaware they were being secretly recorded during a long car ride, Tahawwur Hussain Rana and David Coleman Headley spoke openly about how they had known about the Mumbai terror attacks.

    Rana even asked Headley -- who was also recently charged with assisting in the attacks -- to pass along congratulations to the planner of the coordinated attack, a leader of the militant Pakistani organization Lashkar-e-Taiba, U.S. officials allege according to the Chicago Tribune.

    "In the world, if there had been ... a medal for command, top class," Rana says, according to the transcript.

    The court filing, which was submitted in an effort to keep Rana in custody, suggests he was in closer contact with other conspirators than previously believed.