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Crime Rate Drops in Chicago, Rises in Joliet

Crime rates dropped in Chicago, but went up in Rockford, Joliet and Elgin, according to the FBI



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    Newly released FBI figures show crime levels in Chicago dropped, but rose in three major Illinois cities.

    Violent crime in Chicago fell by 11 percent in 2010, compared to the year before, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Aurora saw the biggest decline in crime across Illinois, registering only three violent crimes per 1,000 people, a 15 percent drop.

    But that's not the case in Rockford, Joliet and Elgin.

    The Sun-Times reports Rockford showed a 10 percent increase in violent crimes, Joliet 9 percent and Elgin 8 percent.

    Across the nation, violent crimes dropped by 5.5 percent, while there was a 2.8 decline in property crime, according to the paper.

    The FBI included murder, robbery and assault in this analysis of Illinois' violent crimes.