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Court Date Set For Cops Accused of Assault

Paul Clavijo and Juan Vasquez are charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a marked police SUV and in her apartment



    Paul Clavijo (L) and Juan Vasquez, are charged in connection with an alleged sexual assault in March.

    A court date was set Monday for two Chicago police officers accused of sexually assaulting a woman they drove home in a police vehicle.

    Paul Clavijo, 38, and Juan Vasquez, 38, both 10-year veterans of the force, are due back in court on July 28.

    Clavijo is charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault and two counts of official misconduct. Vasquez was charged with a single count of each. They both posted bond.

    In late March, a 22-year-old woman filed a report alleging that she'd been sexually assaulted by two uniformed police officers in a marked police SUV and in her apartment.

    Though she admitted she never said "no" to the officers' advances, police records reported her saying that she felt threatened by their authority. The officers were arrested, immediately stripped of their authority and have been on administrative duty.

    In May, the woman filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago and the officers.

    "Chicago police officers accused of sexual misconduct against citizens can be confident that the city will not investigate those accusations in earnest," the lawsuit stated.

    Clavijo faces a second count of aggravated criminal sexual assault for a similar incident that happened March 10 involving a 26-year-old woman. In that case, prosecutors say the woman was able to fight off the attack inside her apartment.