Cook County to Revamp Records Procedures Instead of Storage Warehouse

Cook County withdrew a request for $34 million to restore a warehouse used to store court records

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    Before paying to upgrade a West Side storage warehouse for court records, Cook County is revamping the procedure for how long court records are stored.

    County officials withdrew Monday a request for $34 million to fund the renovation of a warehouse in Hawthorne used to store court records, opting instead to look at the current regulations for how records are stored, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    According to Cook County Director of Capital Planning John Cooke, some commissioners had complained about using such a large sum of money to rennovate a warehouse that houses decades-old records, according to the Tribune.

    The county could ask lawmakers to evaluate the length of time court records are currently kept, according to Cooke.

    The staff of around 100 that works in the 475,00 foot warehouse will work with county officials to develop a possible better way to store records, reports the Tribune.