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8 Hurt in Collision, Crash Into Front Porch

A crash on Chicago's Far South Side sent a car into the front porch of a building




    Eight people were injured late Monday when a car careened into a building's front porch on Chicago's Far South Side.

    A 1-month-old girl; her two brothers, ages 3 and 9; and their parents were among those hurt and were taken to Metro South Medical Center.

    The family was traveling in a Chevy TrailBlazer just before 10 p.m. in the Riverdale neighborhood when they were struck by a Pontiac, police said.

    The crash forced the Pontiac into a utility pole and slamming into the front porch near 136th Street and Indiana Avenue. Police said three men in their 20s were inside the car and the driver was speeding when the crash happened.

    The men were taken to area hospitals, and all eight people are expected to recover.  No one was on the porch at the time.

    Police said they expect to ticket the driver of the Pontiac.