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Chicago is All A Twitter

Twitter hits Chicago



    Excuse me. I'm social networking.

    Chicago is No. 3 among cities worldwide in the number of people who use Twitter, according to

    More people here use the popular site than New Yorkers or even those living in tech-savvy San Francisco and Seattle, the Sun-Times reports today.

    Tweet This: Chicago Ranks No. 3 On Twitter Cities List

    [CHI] Tweet This: Chicago Ranks No. 3 On Twitter Cities List
    Chicago gets ranked No. 3 on a list of cities with the most Tweeple -- that is, people using Twitter to stay in touch. (Published Friday, March 13, 2009)

    The chart lists the top five Twittering cities as London, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco.

    The claim is brought into question in an item posted to The Beachwood Reporter, which claims that the TwitterGrader ratings are based on less than complete data.

    One More Thing About Giving in to Twitter

    [CHI] One More Thing About Giving in to Twitter
    Bob Sirott has joined Twitter, what The New York Times has called, "the fastest growing phenomena on the Internet." (Published Tuesday, March 17, 2009)

    The item (#6 in a list of the day's headlines) states that the site's contention that Chicago has more users than New York seemed odd. Upon further investigation, The Beachwood Reporter (AKA Steve Rhodes) found that while New York was ranked fourth on the list, Brooklyn is ranked 19th.

    Curious, indeed.

    Twitterers post real-time updates of no more than 140 characters from their cell phones or home pages on, Those messages are called Tweets.

    Among the many recognizable names on Twitter is  So too are WBEZ, The Reader, The Sun-Times, "Colonel Tribune,"The Chicagoist and comedien Jimmy Fallon.  That just scratches the surface.

    So, Twitter is where it's at.  Get with it.