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What's Behind GOP Proposals for State Cuts?





    Rumors are swirling about an Illinois Senate GOP proposal to cut millions from Illinois' budget to help Gov. Quinn balance the $33 billion load.

    The burning question: What will be cut?

    Quinn Signs Online Shopping Tax Law

    [CHI] Quinn Signs Online Shopping Tax Law
    The Illinois Department of Revenue estimates it misses out on $153 to $170 million in uncollected sales taxes each year from online purchases. (Published Thursday, March 10, 2011)

    The Sun-Times' Michael Sneed reports "nothing is off limits" in the Republicans' nearly $7 billion proposal, due to be unveiled as early as this week. That means, education could see cutbacks.

    Sources told Sneed the end goal is to roll back the state income tax Quinn passed by the time the governor's term is complete.

    Quinn Signs Bill Banning Death Penalty

    [CHI] Quinn Signs Bill Banning Death Penalty
    While some say the new law gives the wrongly-accused breathing room, others say it's a loss of an important tool for justice. (Published Wednesday, March 9, 2011)

    Last week, the Chicago Tribune reported the GOP found $6 billion in spending cuts, but Republicans were mum about specifics.   

    In his 2012 budget proposal, Quinn proposed cutting Medicaid reimbursement to the tune of $552 million. That represents more than half of the proposed cuts.

    Gov. Quinn on Tax Hike

    [CHI] Gov. Quinn on Tax Hike
    Quinn says he knows it was hard, but he's thankful for the lawmakers' move to hike taxes. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011)

    Quinn also has said 868 school districts are "top heavy" and "too many."

    He's especially upset with the pay of some 270 school superintendents that he notes are "far beyond what I make." In the long run, Quinn believes school leadership cuts could save the state $100 million.