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Chicago Will Hear From Jackson Jr. at "Appropriate Time"

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Rev. Jesse Jackson briefly talked to NBC Chicago and maintained that his son, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., is enduring a battle with bipolar disorder.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Remains Tight-Lipped About Son

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. had a whole lot to say about the presidential election and about needed improvements in America, but he had absolutely nothing to say about his son's re-election and recent allegations. Emily Florez reports the latest for NBC News at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012.

Rahm: Jesse Jackson Jr. Should Talk to Constituents

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday said "it's incumbent upon" embattled Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to talk to his constituents.
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Rev. Jesse Jackson sure knows how to control a message.

The father of embattled Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. hasn't said much about his son's medical condition or the widening federal investigation into his affairs, and he didn't give in today.

On his way to an interview with NBC's Cat Greenleaf and "Talk Stoop," Jackson Sr. briefly talked to NBC Chicago and vaguely maintained that Jackson Jr. is enduring a battle with bipolar disorder.

"The Congressman was released from Mayo," Rev. Jackson said. "He's undergoing the pain of bipolar and depression. It's a very difficult challenge, and I pray for his full recovery in time."

Asked if constituents deserve an explanation about Jackson Jr.'s disappearance, he said they'll eventually see him again.

"I'm sure at the appropriate time you will hear from him," he said.

Jackson Jr. was released Tuesday from the Mayo Clinic but reportedly is still under out-patient care. The congressman won re-election on Nov. 6 by a wide margin, despite being absent from office since early June and under the cloud of investigation.

His wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson, has been an increasing no-show at city council meetings after the Wall Street Journal reported she may be included in the investigation of Jackson Jr. for misuse of campaign funds. Jackson allegedly used the money to redecorate the couple's Washington D.C. home.

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