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Former Blagojevich Chief of Staff Wyma: "I Thought it Was Wrong! Obviously Wrong!"




    Wyma has testified that he was told to even be considered for business at Teachers' Retirement System, an investment firm needed to kick in $50,000 to the governor's campaign fund. 

    "I thought it was wrong!  Obviously wrong!"

    Wyma says he was aware of a shakedown of a Chicago school. That the governor discussed a similar shakedown associates with the tollway with him as well.  And then a similar attempt with Children's Hospital.  It was after that, that he said he became outraged with what was happening. 

    "I was very uncomfortable that there was a pending state action and fundraising at the same time."

    Around that time, Wyma said he started assisting the FBI, but he stopped short of wearing a wire on his former boss.