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Chicago's Top 10 Most Ticketed Red-Light Camera Intersections

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There are nearly 400 cameras around the city. The top five most-ticketed intersections raised more than eight million dollars, and many of them are in some of the city's busiest neighborhoods. Rob Elgas reports.

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Rahm on RedFlex Violations

Mayor Rahm Emanuel removed Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.'s bid for the city's speed camera contract after an Chicago Tribune investigation turned up ethics violations.

Quinn Defends Speed Cameras

Governor signed a bill Monday morning to retrofit Chicago red-light cameras with speed sensors at intersections near schools and parks.
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As part of an Inspector General report looking into the reasons behind Chicago's placement of its nearly 400 red-light cameras and questioning whether they keep residents safe, it noted the number of tickets issued per intersection for 2012.

According to the report, the red-light camera program made $61 million last year.

The most tickets, 19,805, were issued at Cicero Avenue and I-55 for a total ticket value of $1.9 million. Including this busy intersection, here the top 10 most ticketed red-light intersections, according to the report.

1. Cicero and I-55
Number of tickets: 19,805
Value of tickets: $1,980,500

2. Lake Shore Drive and Belmont
Number of tickets: 16,273
Value of tickets: $1,627,300

3. LaFayette and 87th
Number of tickets: 15,226
Value of tickets: $1,522,600

4. Van Buren and Western
Number of tickets: 15,090
Value of tickets: $1,509,000

5. 95th and Stoney Island
Number of tickets: 11,449
Value of tickets: $1,144,900

6. Laramie and Madison
Number of tickets: 11,224
Value of tickets: $1,122,400

7. Stoney Island and 89th
Number of tickets: 9,644
Value of tickets: $964,400

8. State and 79th
Number of tickets: 8,769
Value of tickets: 876,900

9. Pulaski and Peterson
Number of tickets: 8,612
Value of tickets: $861,200

10. Cermak and Clark
Number of tickets: 7,923
Value of tickets: $792,300

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