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Beavers Trial Gets the Gang Back Together

Bonus: Judge James Zagel will hear the case




    Attorney Sam Adam and his firebrand son Sam Adam Jr. proved to be a thorn in the side of the U.S. Attorney's Office when they tried Rod Blagojevich.

    Perhaps that's why indicted Cook County Commissioner William Beavers hired the father-son team to defend against tax fraud charges levied Thursday by Patrick Fitzgerald's office, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Sam Adam Jr. Makes a Cameo

    [CHI] Sam Adam Jr. Makes a Cameo
    Sam Adam Jr., one of Rod Blagojevich's former attorneys, dropped by the courthouse Wednesday to show his support for the former governor. (Published Wednesday, April 27, 2011)

    Bonus: Judge James Zagel will hear the case, the U.S. Attorney's office said.

    Beavers, 77, denied, Thursday, the allegations and said the indictment is retaliation because he refused to wear a wire on fellow Commissioner John Daley.

    Sam Adam Jr.: Bombastic Attorney, Pie-Maker

    [CHI] Sam Adam Jr.: Bombastic Attorney, Pie-Maker
    The flamboyant lawyer who's represented Rod Blagojevich, R. Kelly and other high-profile criminal defendants has a softer side, and he says his success in court has a lot to do with his success in the kitchen. (Published Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011)

    NBC Chicago talked to him through the intercom in lobby of his building on Thursday following the announcement. He would not come down.  On Friday, he didn't answer his buzzer.

    Commissioner John Daley said he was surprised that Beavers would invoke his name.

    "This indictment today is about Commissioner Beavers and the district attorney outlined the indictment against him, and it will run its course and it's strictly about Commissioner Beavers," said Daley, the brother of former Mayor Richard Daley and former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley.