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Still Too Busy to See "Inception"? Here It Is in Real Time




    OK, it's not quite the whole thing, but it's still pretty amazing and the guy who put it together, "weikang," set it to Hans Zimmer's pulse-pounding "Mombasa," from the film's original soundtrack.

    The New "Inception" Trailer, Now With More Plot!

    [NATL] The New "Inception" Trailer, Now With More Plot!
    With it's release fast approaching, the thinking-man's summer blockbuster from director Chris Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio's, serves up a a few hints at what the hell the damn thing is about. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    We just watched it twice and there are two thoughts we can't shake: 1) "Inception" editor Lee Smith is a lock to win an Oscar, and 2) we need to see "Inception" again.


    [NATL] "Inception"
    Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the latest from director Chris Nolan, a thriller from the near future where your mind can be the scene of the crime. (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    And if this isn't enough "Inception" for you, In Contention has a 10-page interview (pdf) of Chris Nolan conducted by his brother, Jonathan, about the film.