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Still Too Busy to See "Inception"? Here It Is in Real Time



    (L-r) LEONARDO DiCAPRIO as Cobb and ELLEN PAGE as Ariadne in Warner Bros. Pictures� and Legendary Pictures� sci-fi action film �INCEPTION,� a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

    OK, it's not quite the whole thing, but it's still pretty amazing and the guy who put it together, "weikang," set it to Hans Zimmer's pulse-pounding "Mombasa," from the film's original soundtrack.

    The New "Inception" Trailer, Now With More Plot!

    [NATL] The New "Inception" Trailer, Now With More Plot!
    With it's release fast approaching, the thinking-man's summer blockbuster from director Chris Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio's, serves up a a few hints at what the hell the damn thing is about.

    We just watched it twice and there are two thoughts we can't shake: 1) "Inception" editor Lee Smith is a lock to win an Oscar, and 2) we need to see "Inception" again.


    [NATL] "Inception"
    Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the latest from director Chris Nolan, a thriller from the near future where your mind can be the scene of the crime.

    And if this isn't enough "Inception" for you, In Contention has a 10-page interview (pdf) of Chris Nolan conducted by his brother, Jonathan, about the film.