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Why Single Women Are Buying Twice As Many Homes As Single Men

This pattern has been trending since the late 1990s, but nobody is sure why.

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    stevedepino via flickr

    According to the New York Times, though single people are buying fewer homes, single women remain better represented among buyers than single men, buying at roughly twice the rate.

    The National Association of Realtors reported that single women accounted for 16 percent of home buyers last year, while men only accounted for nine percent.
    This pattern has been trending since the late 1990s, but nobody is sure why. Walter Molony, spokesperson for The National Association of Realtors speculates that "it may be as simple as most guys don’t get serious about housing until they meet the right woman."
    In addition, women are increasingly becoming a household's primary earner. Single women are also reportedly more proactive in planning for their financial future, considering a home purchase a smart addition to their portfolio.
    Still, many women are wary to enter the home buying process. “Qualifying for a mortgage — that is probably the scariest part for single women,” said Jeanie Douthitt, an agent with Private Label Realty. "If more people were out there helping single women, that 20 percent would double, I promise you."
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