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Glitzy Conair/Cuisinart Mansion Hits Market for $19M

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Glitzy Conair/Cuisinart Mansion Hits Market for $19M


Leandro Rizzuto is the billionaire owner of Conair and Cuisinart. He's also the owner of this tres-80's, Italian-marbled mansion on the beachfront in Greenwich, CT

Over 20 years ago, Rizzuto bought, and custom-built, the estate for around $2 million dollars. Today, in all it's food processor and blow-drying opulence -- including mirrored ceilings and an over-the-top viewing room -- it's selling for close to $20 million.

According the Sotheby's, the propery has "180 degree panoramic, heart-stopping views of water, Long Island and various small islands from every room." 

Oh, and just in case the Gordon Gekko-like charm is too much to swallow, you can always escape to the property's private beach just a few steps away. View the listing.

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