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Jay Cutler Gets a Chance to Stick it to Former Coach, Jeremy Bates



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    Jay Cutler

    If he indeed starts this Sunday against Seattle, Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler will try to show up his old quarterbacks coach. 

    Jeremy Bates coached Cutler with the Broncos from 2007-08, but spurned an offer to Run the Bears' offense this year.  He blew off  Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo to reunite with his buddy Pete Carroll in Seattle.  Now Cutler, the jilted lover, is on a mission of revenge.

    This is downright Shakespearean.

    To be fair, if you were Jeremy Bates, would you choose a career running the Bears offense?  That gig has all the stability of a mental patient.  You're gonna get fired.  It's just a matter of time.  At least by hiding behind the abnormally large head of Pete Carroll, Bates might get a longer leash.

    Still, it's easy to understand why Cutler wants to go after Bates like Capone with a baseball bat in "The Untouchables."  Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler's biggest fan.  And if Jay Cutler sees someone dissing Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler is going to get upset about that.  Jay Cutler may even go so far as to talk about Jay Cutler in third person.  That's how upset Jay Cutler would get.  You don't leave Jay Cutler.  Jay Cutler leaves you.

    It's Cutler's job to dismantle the Seahawks, no matter who's hiding on their sidelines. If history serves he'll put on a show. 

    Last time he faced the Seahawks he put up three TDs, passed for 247 yards and posted a 126.4 QB rating. Plus he's historically good coming off a bad game. All of that equals bad news for Bates.

    If Cutler gets motivation by imagining his high school sweetheart tongue-kissing Jeremy Bates, we're fine with that, too.