Residents Brace for Snow, Cold

For Faye Kimes the only way to bare yet another snow storm is from the inside.

"I already went to the grocery store," Kimes, a Harvey resident, said. "Grandbabies are making chicken noodle soup and we are going to be ready."

It's began snowing in Harvey during the early afternoon hours Saturday. By Saturday evening, Harvey already had at least 3 inches of the fresh powder.

And by tomorrow afternoon they may have near a foot.

And after the snow, temps are expected to plunge to dangerous lows Sunday and Monday.

Residents say they're bracing for the wintry days.

"I intend to stay in as long as it's freezing out here," Kimes said. "I bought plastic at Menards so I can seal the windows, keep the cold out, and I stay in."

And she wasn't alone at stores across the area and throughout Chicagoland.

A Winter Storm Warning sent residents flocking to grocery stores to fill their pantries Saturday.

"Jewel-Osco is packed," said shopper Aditya Dherim. "It took us almost 35 minutes to check out. Normally it takes 5-10 minutes, so it's really bad. I see a lot of people. I never knew the store was so popular."

Jewel-Osco had a packed lot and it was a similar story at Trader Joe's.

"Today was the warmest day this week so we are trying to hurry up and get everything done before it really comes down," said shopper LaShawne Blount.

Blount and her kids are making a party of the storm.

At Home Depot, space heaters, calcium carbonate, and snow blowers were sold out at several locations.

And people were grabbing whatever they could Saturday.

"We are going to shovel a little in advance," said shopper Luke Petillon. "We just went to the store and bulked up on food and beer and wine and we are going to get cozy and stay in. And once the cold passes we'll shovel and get back into it."

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