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Chicago Set to Tie Record for Least Snowy December



    Snow-Free December Good for Towns, Bad for Businesses

    December 2014 tied a record for the least snow in Chicago. That's good for towns, but businesses that help you deal with the snow are hurting. Nesita Kwan reports. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014)

    Chicago is set to tie a winter record by the end of the year, and one can only hope that it's indicative of a pleasant winter to come in 2015.

    After only a trace of snow fell this month, Chicagoans are experiencing the least snowy December on record. The average snowfall for this month is 8.5 inches, well above this year's dusting.

    Since October, Chicago has had 2.9 inches of snow. This record isn't good enough for first place, but it does tie for 15th for the least snowy period from October through December. During this early winter period, the average snowfall is around 10 inches. This time last year, we had 11.6 inches.

    Although hardly any snow has fallen this year, we haven't escaped frigid temperatures. The high for New Year's Eve is around 16 degrees, which could be the coldest day this month. Wind chills could be below zero. 

    Deceivingly Sunny

    [CHI] Deceivingly Sunny
    It'll be a sunny day but that's not going to translate into warm temperatures.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014)

    We also experienced a cold snap last month with temperatures dipping into the teens on Nov. 18.

    Although the cold is settling in again as we close out 2014, rest assured there is at least no snow in the forecast for the rest of the year.