Chicago Forecast

Chicago Forecast: Early Clouds to Give Way to Sunny Skies, Warm Temperatures

Reflected, Chicago, Skyline, Lake Michigan, Illinois, America
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The Chicago area will see cloudy conditions and even some fog in the morning hours, but that should eventually dissipate, paving the way for sunny skies and warm temperatures Saturday afternoon.

Thanks in part to gusty winds blowing in from the southwest, the area will get a late dose of summery temperatures on Saturday afternoon, with high temperatures rising into the low-80s in the southern suburbs and into the mid-80s through most of the region.

Things are expected to remain dry in the area, although parts of Wisconsin could see showers and thunderstorms on Saturday night, but things are slowly going to start to change as Sunday rolls around. After a mild evening, with lows expected in the low-to-mid 60s in most locations, Sunday will see clouds starting to increase, and then rain is expected to develop during the day, paving the way for a dramatic cooling trend.

In fact, those showers are expected to stick around for several days, dropping temperatures into the 60’s on Monday and then even lower as the week goes on, with most of the region seeing highs in only the mid-to-upper 50s by Wednesday and into Thursday as fall roars back into the picture with a vengeance.

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