‘L' Stations Looking for Corporate Love

CTA might sell naming rights for some ‘L’ stops

As if 'L' stations didn't have enough billboards and advertisements, now the entire station could have a corporate sponsor. In order to increase revenue, the CTA is currently negotiating with potential clients to buy the naming rights for some train stops.

Kyra Kylies of the Chicago Tribune put together an amusing list of potential advertisers:

Armitage – "What better sponsor for a spot known for people-watching and potential hook-ups than Match.com?"

California – "Name the Blue, Green, and Pink California stops after the California Raisin Marketing Board."

Paulina – "We're not proposing a bar cart for the 'L', but St. Pauli Girl could bring some fun to this Brown Line stop. The CTA could re-christen the stop St. Paulina."

Of course, we couldn't help but come up with a few of our own ideas:

Grand – The Red or Blue Line stop might seem a little sweeter if it were painted in the colors of a Nestlé 100 Grand candy bar wrapper.

Western – The Orange, Pink, and Blue Lines all have stations dedicated to Western Avenue. The hotel chain Best Western can decide which of them is "best."

Foster – After a rush hour commute on the Purple Line, you could probably use a drink. The Australian Foster's Beer could come in handy here.

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