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The Science of Smooching

Kiss-o-Meter detects bad breath



    The Science of Smooching

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the only thing standing between you and lip locking with your sweetie is bad breath.

    The Kiss-O-Meter is a heart shaped handheld device that indicates whether or not your breath is kiss-worthy.

    Checking your breath by cupping your hands over your mouth and breathing into them is so old school -- and not very effective. The folks behind the Kiss-O-Meter claim that their product works 80 percent better than that method.

    All you have to do is breathe into the Kiss-O-Meter and it will read one of five different outcomes: Kiss me, Possible, Maybe, Risky, and Never.

    Now you're set for endless hours of lip lock. Now finding someone who wants to actually kiss you? Unfortunately the Kiss-O-Meter can't help you with that.

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