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The Art of War -- In Chicago

Decorative bowl draws inspiration from atypical topic



    The Art of War -- In Chicago

    One of the fiercest arguments in the Presidential campaign concerned the seemingly endless war in Iraq. While both sides of the aisle argued ad nauseum about the best strategy, design house Thorsten van Elten was able to find the perfect happy medium.

    Designed by Dominic Wilcox, the War Bowl is a playful take on both of the political spectrum's ends.

    By casting plastic toy soldiers (available in red, white, and blue) into stunning centerpieces, the bowl simultaneously references the power of war as much as it connotes its futility.

    Ultimately, the bowl is as visually engaging as it is politically provocative, and it is nice to see both sides of the debate equally represented. A more suitable name, perhaps, could be the New Era Bowl.

    The bowl is carried by the bastion of good taste in Lakeview, ID Chicago.

    Shlomi Rabi is a member of the NBC Chicago Street Team.