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What Your Glass Slipper Looks Like This Spring

Feet first has a whole new meaning this spring



    What Your Glass Slipper Looks Like This Spring

    Don't know where to start for your spring look? Louise Roe, style expert for retailer site Piperlime, suggests starting at your feet. We guess this brings a whole new meaning to the feet first theory. Holy schedule a pedicure!

     Roe highlights three key trends for the season:

    The exotic or tribal look. Coming in a slue of natural and bright colorsthe look is inspired by Native American, Aztec, and Bohemian patterns. From flats to heels, look for suede fringe details and earthy hues.

    1. The debatably-stylish gladiator sandal from 2008. This year, the warrior sandal is embellished with metallics, studs, and more. "What you want to wear with any shoe that has loads of details on the buckles and comes up to the ankle, you're going to want to show them off, so don't wear a long jean," Louise says, adding that they can be paired up with city shorts or even leggings.
    2. The wedge sandal. "Any ladies who want to elongate themselves, make themselves a little bit taller but without the effort, this is much easier because you don't feel like you're wearing a big heel-see there's hardly any gradient there." Another one of Louise's tips for looking taller: wearing tan/nude color heels to make your legs look longer.

    What if you have to choose only one of the three? "If you only have to buy one shoe this spring, I would go for a cork platformbecause you're nodding to the cork trend, you've got the platform which is almost like a wedge, so you're raising yourself up without too much grading on your foot," Louise suggests.

    Other sites that women love to buy the latest shoes:



    Blue Tux


    and Shoes.com

    If you're worried that these hot trends will break your budget, don't fear. Piperlime.com has these trends listed on their site for affordable prices and free shipping to make that step into spring a lot more stylish.