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Most Comfy Pub Crawl Ever

Sporting a blanket with sleeves



    Most Comfy Pub Crawl Ever
    Snuggies are great for cuddling on the couch with loved ones... and for wearing on pub crawls?

    Gapers Block alerted us to one of the coolest, er, snuggliest(?) ideas we've heard in a long time.  ''The Snuggie Pub Crawl.''  Yep.  Don't tell us you haven't heard of snuggies. 

      If you watch late-night television, you've seen the commercials for those ever-so-comfy-looking blankets with sleeves.  ''Wearable blankets,'' if you will.  Anyway, there is a web site polling interest in a pub crawl for people who will presumably wear a snuggie throughout the experience.  There is no time, location or any details sketched out just yet; the web site simply asks for your e-mail address so they can keep you apprised of plans as they are decided.  On our last check, there were about 439 e-mail addresses submitted so far, so rest easy that if you go, you won't be the only fool wandering the streets slightly inebriated in a wearable blanket.   Just do your best not to trip or spill any foam on your snuggly threads.