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Make Your Own Halloween Cocktails



    Make Your Own Halloween Cocktails
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    Throwing your own Halloween bash this year?  Give out a few treats of your own with some specialty Halloween-themed cocktails with recipes from local restaurants.  Here are a couple of recipes that will make your plastic pumpkin full of goodies pale in comparison.  Too lazy to get your own ingredients? Then come out to the restaurants, and they'll whip up the drinks for you.

    The Witch's Brew from Nacional 27, created by mixologist Adam Seger

    2 parts Domaine de Canton
    1 part Yakami Orchard fresh unpasteurized sudachi juice
    Stir vigorously 33 times in pre-chilled metal part of Boston Shaker over fresh ice. Volume will increase by one and a half.
    Strain into a chilled, thin lipped cocktail glass. Finish with three drops your choice of aromatic cocktail bitters. ($13 at the restaurant)

    The Hi-Hat from MK, created by general manager and sommelier Josh Kaplan

    1 oz. Ten Cane rum
    1 oz. Daron Fine Calvodos
    1 oz. Germain Robin Brandy
    1 oz. orange juice
    Splash maple syrup
    Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and pour into a snifter
    This cocktail is an ode to orange and brown, which are the colors of fall and Halloween, of course.  ($12 at the restaurant)