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Bromance is in the Air

The Pony hosts man-love party for upcoming flick



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    The Pony is the the perfect place to take your man -- er, buddy -- for the "I Love You, Man" party.

    You know we're living in a new age when two guys can go on a "man date" without having their masculinity questioned.

    An upcoming movie, "I Love You, Man," takes a tongue and cheek look at this "bromance" fad.

    The Pony (1638 W. Belmont) will be the perfect place to take your man -- er, buddy -- on March 13 when they host a launch party for the new flick.

    There's be plenty of bromance in the air from 7 to 10 p.m. when guests can score free movie passes, t-shirts, official movie cups and beer pong paraphernalia. Drink specials include $4 Heinekens and $5 O Bombs.

    Trust us, you and your man will have a blast. Not that there's anything wrong with that.